About AGD

Asheville Graphic Design started in 2004 by freelance designer Susan Devitt. Susan has nearly 20 years experience in graphic design, working in corporate marketing departments as well as many years of freelance design work.

Susan’s design career began just at the onset of the internet when print was still king. It was only a few years before the buzz began that there would be no print in the future. Within a couple of more years they would say that the King was Dead.

But that’s not really what happened. As newspapers and magazines struggle, and the internet feeds our lives ever more quickly, print is still a strong media with many applications that can’t be replaced – packaging, POP’s, brochures and leave-behinds, logos and business cards. The list goes on.

Where print ends, and mobile and internet media begins, we have that covered too. We recognize the needs of companies across all media platforms: print, web, photography, copywriting. It’s all part of marketing communications and as a business you’ll have a difficult time not utilizing some part of marketing support for your company. You and your business will dictate what that is. Asheville Graphic Design is here to help you sort through those needs.

If you have a project, or a question, contact us and we’ll be glad to discuss it:


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